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Some of my favourites

Summerlicious: Auberge du Pommier, Bosk
Dim Sum: Dragon Boat, Golden Duke
Cantonese: Dragon Boat (seafood)
Cantonese (value/casual): The Royal Chinese Restaurant
Japanese (sashimi): Inatei, Japango, Yuzu No Hana
Izakaya: Guu  (now Kinka),  Zakkushi (skewers)
Good vibes & nice interior: Richmond Station
Patisserie: Duo 
Coffee: Rooster Coffee House, Alchemy Coffee 
Hong Kong Style Cafe: New City 

Ferreira Cafe - Portugese seafood

Hong Kong
Lei Yu Mun, Hong Kong -  abalone 
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong - fresh seafood 
Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) - Steamed Egg/Milk Dessert/Toast
Pepper Lunch - sizzling beef and rice food court meal

Afuri Ramen
Midori Sushi 

London: Hawksmoor - pre-theatre menu: bone marrow, sticky toffee pudding
Copenhagen: Host
Stockholm: Meatballs for the People, Speceriet

Chelsea Market - tacos, lobster roll
Ippudo - ramen

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mani - best homemade pasta and beef tartare


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Copenhagen | Höst

Host is a lovely New Nordic restaurant that uses local ingredients and unique preparation & presentation methods I haven't seen anywhere else. Definitely the highlight of my Copenhagen trip. We ordered two each of the set menus: Höst Menu at 325kr and Höst Signature Menu at 425kr. They have new menus each month.

The interior has a really nice cozy, natural vibe. I love this rustic type of style.

To start, we had this lovely amuse bouche platter - squid ink chips, fresh radish, oyster cream, egg yolk topped with fish roe, fresh beans with mussel cream. Wow! This was my favorite of the night and an excellent indicator of the delicate, unique dishes to follow.
Aside from the 3 courses in the set menu, they gave us an additional 3 in-between courses which I actually liked more than the set menu. 
Complementary in-between dishes:
Forgot the name of this but it was like a salty, seaweed-ish flavoured "bread" with a bit of chewiness. The salted butter is amazing.
Mini rye a…

What to Eat in Copenhagen

1. Seafood Platter & Smørrebrød at Torvehallerne Market

Torvehallerne is a quiet, higher-end food market. Here you will find a variety of vendors selling fresh seafood, meats, open-faced sandwiches (Smørrebrød), etc. Smørrebrød is one of the "national dishes" if you will - a slice of rye bread typically topped with egg, shrimp or smoked salmon. 
Price: 100-200 kr/person 

2. Soft Ice
The icecream here tastes different. Rajissimo is a chain that serves churros, soft serve and gelato. My favorite was the pistachio & mango gelato!
The second place we tried was a liege waffle place at the corner in Nyhavn. Fresh piping hot waffle topped with soft serve, they also have a variety of icecream. We couldn't help but stop by twice (for both dessert shops!)

3. Paper Island (Papirøen) Street Food Market

Paper Island is a 'hipster' indoor street food market that offers everything from tacos to pizza to butter chicken to cheesecake. Here is the Smorrebrod we got from one …