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Red Top Farms Wagyu($270)– MO, USA, Bone in Striploin 18oz Cooked medium rare, this was very soft, yet too salty for my liking.
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Date: September, Birthday Dinner Price: Four Course Prix Fixe $65 + $13~ for a glass of Sauv Blanc


Weekend in Chicago

Weekend road trip to Chicago in mid-October.

Kiin: A Royal Thai Dining Experience

The former Khao San Road space has now been transformed into a Royal Thai dining room, with tons of gold/brass and jewel tones. We came around 5:30pm on a weeknight and were lucky to snag a spot at the bar, but reservations are recommended. 

 Roy Thai - royal Thai dumplings, $12/person for 4 pcs - Definitely a must order (contains peanuts). My favorite was the blue one and the deep fried one. 
 Khao Yum - the colourful rice dish mixed with a variety of herbs/spices. Really a feast for the eyes, but taste-wise it was too spicy for me. My mouth was burning!

Sea Bream - salt baked, served with lettuce wraps (baby gem lettuce & Thai kale which is like Chinese Gai Lan). The fish was similar to Chinese steamed fish. I really liked the herbs that were stuffed inside and the salt crust was tasty. Overall, the fish + lettuce + vermicelli + green sauce is a good pairing - a light yet filling dish. The server debones it for you but still be careful when eating. 
Service was good and attentive.…

Tokyo | Afuri Ramen

Sometimes the best things are unplanned.

One of my best meals in Tokyo was at Afuri Ramen (Harajuku). No guidebooks, no recommendations from friends; simply discovered because we stayed in the area, only to find out after that it's quite 'famous'. We passed by a few nights and there was a long lineup each time – I had to check it out!

Method: Order from the ramen machine and sit at the bar that encompasses the 'kitchen'. I had the Yuzu Shio Ramen which is light chicken broth infused with yuzu – the most refreshing, unique, fusion experience ever. Opted for the thin noodles and light oil. Topped with greens instead of the usual green onion, and the egg was delicious as well.

Overall a totally different experience and flavor than Ichiran. Highly recommend this spot to surprise your tastebuds!

Kyoto | Kaiseki Experience at Gion Nanba

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese meal. It refers to the skills and techniques used to prepare such meals and places a strong emphasis on highest quality seasonal ingredients and artistic presentation. (Wiki)
On my recent trip to Kyoto in May 2017, we splurged on a 15,000 yen 12 course meal at Gion Nanba
Hidden in a dark, narrow alleyway, you will be transported to a quiet, private dining space once you enter the restaurant. You will be asked to remove your shoes at the door, which makes for a more comfortable experience. Choice of seating: Bar, Table, Tatami – I would recommend sitting at the bar so you can watch the chef prepare the dishes.
English is limited but I found it cute that they had a dictionary to help translate the ingredients and explain the dishes.
Course 1: Scallop with tomato and a thousand-island-type dressing
Course 2: Fish Soup with the thinnest sliced celery ever!*